About Rehan Zaidi

Rehan Zaidi focuses on the integration of Western and Eastern Medicine. A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University, he studied Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Committed to continuing education, he has further pursued training in constitutional homeopathy, Chinese medicine, complementary care for cancer patients, and mind-body medicine. Dr. Rehan spent most of 2010 and 2011 in the Far East specializing in ancient Chinese energy arts at the feet of traditional healers. He continues to travel there regularly to further develop his skills.

Reflexology and Foot Massages


Reflexology is a form of massage applied to specific areas of the foot that are linked to organs within the body. It is used to treat and prevent disease and relieve stress. Reflexologists, or “body managers”, are now popping up in all parts of the world and are specifically attracting a largely female patient base. [...]

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3 Great Forms of Water Treatment


Water is amazing. Fresh, clean water descending from the mountains or arising from deep within the earth will always remain a symbol of purity and health. Water, as all experts will agree, is an irreplaceable component of any health program. It is the only substance that the body can use to detoxify waste from our [...]

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Improve Vericose Veins Using 3 Natural Methods


Varicose veins, also called varicosities, are veins that have become swollen, twisted, tortuous and are usually seen on the legs. People who get varicose veins often have a family history of someone with them, a particular constitutional type, along with a lifestyle that aggravates the condition. A common clinical presentation of this in the Arab [...]

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3 Herbs for Mental Alertness (Herbalism II)


In continuity with last months theme of herbal medicines, this month a series of herbs that have a special affiliation with the brain will be presented. In our current times of higher educational pursuits and academia, mental sluggishness can be a real hindrance to success in ones field, let alone healthy communication with people one [...]

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Dying To Have Known – Gerson Therapy


In Dying To Have Known, filmmaker Steve Kroschel went on a 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy -- a long-suppressed natural cancer cure. His travels take him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, from upstate New York to San Diego to Alaska, from Japan and Holland to [...]

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Q: Vitamin D & Fish Oil


Question: My wife tends not to get much direct sunlight, and she has low vitamin D.  I just ordered fish oil and I'm wondering, will that help with her vitamin D (I had heard that some fish oil is a good source of vitamin D)? Answer: Fish-oil doesn't contain enough Vit D. The liver oils [...]

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Q: Alcohol in Homeopathic Medicine


Question: Are medicines that contain alcohol, such as those often found in homeopathic remedies, permissible to consume in Islam? Answer: In herbal medicine, herbs are put into an alcoholic drink so that the alcohol extracts the important ingredients from the plant. The new mixture of the plant and the alcohol is considered the medicine. The [...]

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