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Practical tips about exercise and nutrition from which many people can benefit. It includes articles about weight-loss, supplements, recipes, and advice on what to–and not to–be consuming.

Q: Vitamin D & Fish Oil


Question: My wife tends not to get much direct sunlight, and she has low vitamin D.  I just ordered fish oil and I'm wondering, will that help with her vitamin D (I had heard that some fish oil is a good source of vitamin D)? Answer: Fish-oil doesn't contain enough Vit D. The liver oils [...]

Q: Vitamin D & Fish Oil2012-07-28T14:45:42+02:00

Spring Cleaning


It's happening here in New Mexico. When it does it's truly an ecstatic time. Nature, after long months of sobriety, of containment and reserve can no longer keep it in. Branches and twigs become tumescent first, swell and finally burst forth their green ejaculate and eventually, seed. All life behaves by such similar patterns, no [...]

Spring Cleaning2012-07-15T06:38:10+02:00

Breastfeeding Is ‘Health, Not Lifestyle’ Choice


By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today Every infant should begin life with six months of exclusive breastfeeding, followed by another six months or longer with other foods gradually added to the child's diet, according to an updated policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The update reaffirms the AAP's position on breastfeeding, originally [...]

Breastfeeding Is ‘Health, Not Lifestyle’ Choice2012-08-02T03:30:36+02:00

Weight Management – How to Lose Weight


We are all interesting in learning how to lose weight?  As developing countries ape the American lifestyle, they also experience the harsh reality of what the fast food nation of the world is all about. Obesity, depression, and a lack of self confidence and self worth are some of the real issues behind the artificial world that [...]

Weight Management – How to Lose Weight2012-08-02T06:10:16+02:00

Detoxification, An Introduction


You change the oils and filters in your car, you wash the dishes and scrub the bathroom sink. You take a shower and you make sure to clean between your fingers. But how often do you cleanse your body from the inside? The body becomes a storage site for chemicals as it is exposed to [...]

Detoxification, An Introduction2012-07-15T06:36:18+02:00

Q: Are Microwaves Harmful?


Someone recently asked about an elementary school science project that claimed water boiled in a microwave oven (then cooled) is harmful to plants. The e-mail gained some popularity and was then rebutted at the following site: There are two important points that should be taken into consideration when trying to understand these studies. 1. [...]

Q: Are Microwaves Harmful?2012-07-28T14:49:12+02:00

Identifying and Treating Candida: The Yeast Likely


Candida are a group of commensal fungal species that are common human disease causing microorganisms. They are progressively becoming the most important fungal pathogens affecting humans, causing both internal and external disease. They occupy the mucosal and skin layers of the body resulting in local and systemic illness. There are several types of candida infections [...]

Identifying and Treating Candida: The Yeast Likely2013-03-11T22:41:50+02:00

Are You Getting Enough Protein?


Are you suffering from fatigue and low energy? Energy comes in the form of food, and if you consume a poor diet that lacks important vitamins and nutrients, fatigue will kick in much quicker than it should. What should I eat to increase my energy levels? The first step in combating low energy levels is [...]

Are You Getting Enough Protein?2014-08-02T14:49:03+02:00

10 Steps to Cleaning Air Pollution


There was a time when people lived off of the land, where surrounded by nature, and sweat hard on a daily basis.  Although that lifestyle definitely limited the pollutants one was exposed to, it's just not so practical. City life also has its price: everything from going to work to living at home means putting [...]

10 Steps to Cleaning Air Pollution2012-08-02T05:56:37+02:00

The 7 Harms of Sugar


What is a white, addictive, powder-like substance that results in harmful physiological and psychological changes in its users? Sugar, of course! Sugar is a difficult topic to write about. It tastes so good, it sells nice-and-cheap, and hey, everyone else uses it too. Unfortunately, this innocent white little substance is becoming a major worldwide health [...]

The 7 Harms of Sugar2013-03-14T23:03:46+02:00