Family Medicine

These articles are on health issues that effect the family in one way or another. Discussed are children’s illnesses, pregnancy, as well as general well-being.

4 Steps to Breast Cancer Prevention and Risk Reduction


Lately I have been coming across an increasing number of Jordanian women with breast cancer. Usually environmental exposures that they thought negatively affected their body come up in the conversation. Genetics and pollution are two of the most oft mentioned. But during our meetings the many other culprits connected with breast cancer are hardly brought [...]

4 Steps to Breast Cancer Prevention and Risk Reduction2012-07-18T14:45:56+02:00

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when proper nutrition is even more crucial then it is at other times. Excess or deficiency of any of a number of nutrients can lead to birth defects for the child and other complications during pregnancy for the mother. By eating right, mothers-to-be can give their babies the best start, even [...]

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy2012-08-26T22:39:16+02:00

Regarding Homebirth in the United States (Q & A)


Homebirth is a very safe and healthy idea for NORMAL pregnancies in families that (unfortunately) have money, are educated, and are willing to take on some of the responsibility if something untoward happens. If everything is going well, I think it's a good idea. The scientific evidence supports this. In many communities, we tend to [...]

Regarding Homebirth in the United States (Q & A)2012-07-18T14:32:03+02:00

Healthy Snacks for Kids


Busy families sometimes have trouble fitting in three healthy meals each day. Snacking has become an important contributor to daily food intake. While children are eating extra calories, many still fall short on meeting their needs for vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, and iron. Whether eaten on the go or [...]

Healthy Snacks for Kids2012-07-18T14:28:52+02:00

Food Choices While Breastfeeding


There are many benefits of breastfeeding including: Colostrum (replaced by milk after the first few days) protects against autoimmune diseases, promotes healing and has a long-term anti-aging response. Antibodies are passed from mom to baby to provide immunity to the baby while his/her own little immune system is developing Protective towards some illnesses for baby [...]

Food Choices While Breastfeeding2013-03-15T15:23:02+02:00

Home Treatment of Childhood Fever


There are a few simple procedures that you can perform at home to alleviate the discomfort of your child during fever. Once you have established that your child has fever, take her clothes off immediately, unless she is chilly and wants to be covered. Touch your child to make sure his entire body is hot, [...]

Home Treatment of Childhood Fever2014-08-05T16:41:18+02:00

Understanding Childhood Cold and Flu


The common cold and/or influenza are viral infections, not usually bacterial, of the upper respiratory tract, caused by invasion into the nose, throat, sinuses, or ears. The virus travels either from hand to mouth and nose, or through the air on minute droplets carrying infected secretions from one child to another. Because children's immune systems [...]

Understanding Childhood Cold and Flu2012-07-18T14:24:28+02:00

Fertility Awareness


Trying to have children can turn out to be a very beautiful and sometimes very trying situation. For those who have had difficulties getting pregnant, even repeated trips to the doctor's office may not have provided them with any real understanding of the natural process of fertility. Instead couples may find themselves being directed to [...]

Fertility Awareness2012-07-18T14:14:26+02:00

Infant Food Introduction Schedule


You can us this article to know what foods to introduce to your newborns. Rehan Zaidi Six Months At six months foods are introduced into the breast feeding regime. Several qualities are desirable:     Generally, hypoallergenic foods should be used Easy chewability Reasonably iron-rich Adequate fibre and fluid levels for the heath of the [...]

Infant Food Introduction Schedule2015-05-28T18:41:21+02:00

Change of Season Soup


 Using herbs in cooking is an excellent way to absorb their active ingredients and benefit from their energetic properties, all the while simultaneously enhancing the flavor of foods. Some soups have been passed down over the years for preparing the body against harsh weather changes and they include a healthy mix of herbs that work [...]

Change of Season Soup2012-07-29T01:42:21+02:00