Welcome to the Get Fit course!
Within 4 weeks you will learn all the basic elements about working-out and be well on your way towards health. Beginners and seasoned fitness-nuts alike will find this program to improve their strength, endurance, and overall physique. The program is specifically tailored for weight-loss; it includes well-researched exercise methods, timings, and sequences that produce quick and lasting results. You will be motivated through the weekly sessions, taught through the supplementary readings, and guided through the video instruction.

Course Foundations

This video series gives the student a strong foundation in fitness concepts and theories.

Beginner Bodyweight Program

This program is for those who are just starting to workout and get some physical activity into their life.

Intermediate Bodyweight Program

This is for those looking to bring some intensity into their daily exercise and their regular sports activity. If one has completed the beginner workout program successfully, then one can move on the intermediate bodyweight program.

Advanced Bodyweight Program

This workout will challenge those who regularly play sports and workout. Those who have completed the advanced program can move on to this stage to take themselves to a higher level of intensity.

Course Forum

This is a place for students to exchange their experiences and motivate one another from around the world.

Course Forum


These are resources for the student throughout the program.

Get Fit Fitness Manual