MysticMedicine Fish Oil Improves Mood, Concentration, Focus, Memory, and aspects of Cardiovascular Health.

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Fish Oils are vital to a healthy and happy brain. They contain Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are two fatty acids belonging to the Omega-3 family, which can only be found in Fish. They are proven to benefit mood, concentration, focus, memory, as well as improve several aspects of cardiovascular health. Unlike other fish oil that contain 30% active ingredients, Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate delivers 75% active ingredients! Best of all, it’s in a Halal capsule. 

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A Word from  Rehan

A lot of people ask me what is the best fish oil to take. I recommend one which is high in EPA, from a fish source that is free of heavy metals, and which is backed by 3rd party testing. People also wanted a halal gelcap. Given the difficulty of meeting these standards we decided to make a product that did, a product that I could take myself and give to my family.



Fish Oil Contains Fatty Acids that Your Body Needs

[dropcap]E[/dropcap] icosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are two fatty acids belonging to the Omega-3 family. They differ considerably from alpha linolenic acid (ALA), the Omega-3 fatty acid derived from flax seed oil, canola oil, and other plant sources. Fish provide the only available source of EPA and DHA! [divider]

Research on Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Health

Fish Oil Improves Cardiovascular Health

Two very large studies have shown that fish oil very powerfully reduces risk of cardiovascular disease:

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  • Among patients who have experienced a heart attack, fish oil supplementation demonstrated a 45% reduction in risk of sudden coronary death and a 25% reduction in death from ANY cause (1)!
  • A second study among otherwise healthy people demonstrated a 20%-30% reduction in risk of major coronary events (2).


This compelling evidence has lead both the American Heart Association (3) and the American Diabetes Association (4) to openly recommend daily consumption of fish and/ or daily use of fish oil supplements.

High EPA Fish Oil Improves Mood

32 studies have examined fish oil for the treatment of depression, or depression associated with bipolar disorder.

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  • 9 of these studies used an oil containing more DHA than EPA. All 9 failed to benefit symptoms of depression.
  • 23 of the 32 studies used an oil containing more EPA than DHA.
  • 18 of these 23 studies found high EPA fish oil achieved significant benefit to symptoms of depression.
  • One of these studies assigned patients with Major Depressive Disorder to one of three groups; group I received EPA, group II received fluoxetine (prozac), and group III received both EPA and fluoxetine (5).


A clinically meaningful response to treatment was experienced by 50% of fluoxetine treated patients, 56% of EPA treated patients, and 81% of patients receiving both EPA and fluoxetine! The American Psychiatric Association recommends that all patients with a mood, impulse control, or psychotic disorder receive 1000mg of EPA + DHA per day, and that larger dosages may be required by patients suffering from depression (6).

High EPA Fish Oil Improves Concentration, Focus, and Memory

12 studies have examined fish oil for the treatment of ADD/ADHD.

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  • Four of these studies used an oil containing more DHA.
  • Two showed no benefit, one showed benefit to two of 16 markers, and one showed benefit to seven of 14 markers (not very impressive)!
  • Eight of the 12 studies used a high EPA fish oil. All eight demonstrate very positive outcomes.


On average, these eight studies show that the diagnosis of ADD/ ADHD is reversed in approximately 45% of children, over a six month treatment period (7).

Fish oil Reduces Joint Pain and Other Types of Inflammation

Fish oil has been studied as a treatment for a wide variety of “autoimmune diseases”- conditions where the bodies own immune system attacks itself. Examples of autoimmune diseases include :

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  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Asthma


In all three of these diseases, fish oil has been shown to effectively reduce pain and other signs of inflammation (8)!

Unfortunately, Most Fish Oils only Contain 30% Active Ingredients

Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate offers an extremely high amount of EPA per capsule. Most fish oils contain 30% active ingredients; 18% EPA and 12% DHA. The remaining oil is composed of other fats naturally found in fish. Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate undergoes a state-of-the-art process of molecular distillation, removing unwanted fats from the oil, and simultaneously removing heavy metals and other toxins which may be present in fish. The result is a high potency, high EPA fish oil concentrate! Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate delivers 75% active ingredients! Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate provides a very high amount of EPA (65%) as well as 10% DHA. This unique, high EPA concentrate makes Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate ideally suited for improving mood, concentration, focus, memory, as well as reducing inflammation.


An Appropriate Dose is Vital to Getting Results

Because of Mystic Medicine’s very high level of concentration, the adult dose is only two of our capsules per day. Our 800mg capsules are considerably smaller than most available on the market. Two Mystic Medicine Fish Oil Concentrate Capsules delivers 1040mg EPA and 160mg DHA, a dose proven to benefit mood, concentration, focus, memory, as well as improve several aspects of cardiovascular health. For Children ages 5 and up, just one capsule per day is required! Your health care provider may recommend as many as five capsules per day. Taking between three and five capsules per day acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and also delivers positive changes to cholesterol levels.


What are Your Gel Caps Made From?

Finally, one of the main problems that many Muslims encounter is finding a capsule that is Halal. They may instead have to drink the oil—which is inconvenient, subject to quicker rancidity, and leaves an after taste, or trying vegetarian capsules—which have had problems of contamination. Mystic Medicine offers a high standard capsule that passes Halal standards.[divider]

What People are Saying:

“Rehan recommended fish-oils to me several years ago as part of a broader program for cholesterol reduction. I benefited in a number of ways in addition to lowered cholesterol rates, including increased energy, reduced skin inflammation, and improved mental clarity and calmness. After visiting numerous doctors and reading several books, it was not until I met Rehan that I learned about the connection between liver heat and elevated cholesterol. I find his workman-like, research-based approach when administering protocols not only highly effective for addressing specific ailments, but also for inculcating in clients a general attitude of personal responsibility.”
 Atif. R. Khan, EthicaInsititute – Managing Director

“Rehan Zaidi recommended two years ago using fish oil supplement for my kids as part of a natural-based products treatment to help them cope with ADHD. We have been supplementing them on a daily basis and have seen good results based on his research.”
Dr. Arturo Cortes,MRDS –
 JordanNational Director

“I have used Rehan’s guidance and principles on a couple of very difficult cases here at Harvard to augment my efforts. Based on his wealth/strength of knowledge and clinical efficacy… I quickly appreciated that he is well versed/trained in the intricacies of integrative medicine. Fish-oils is a dietary supplement Rehan’s has been recommending for a long time; I have confidence in his recommendations”

Dr. Aymen A. Elfiky Lank Center for Oncology / DF Cancer Institute/Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School

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Fish Oil Concentrate (New Stock Arrived)

Helps Support Cognitive Health and Brain FunctionContains no preservatives, artificial flavor, colors, sugar, milk, wheat, starch, corn or yeast.

  • Product: Fish Oil Concentrate
  • Manufacturer: Mystic Medicine
  • Size: 16.90 oz.
  • Servings: 60
  • Dosage Size: 2 SoftGels (daily)
  • Price: CDN $34.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING

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