“As a sea-cook emeritus, I can say that Umm Ibrahim is a skillful chef of natural foods, of healthy traditional cuisine and good eating. And the proof of the pudding is in the tasting” – Shaykh Nuh Keller



I am so impressed with the amount of experience Umm Ibrahim has with healthy cooking… – Rehan Zaidi

The Diet We have is Killing Us

We go through our daily lives not knowing what exactly got us sick and how we can help prevent getting ourselves and children sick in the future. Did you know that diet alone is one of the greatest preventable factors for illness?

  • Modern research says, almost all cancer can be linked to outside factors, diet being the most significant (30-40%!)
  • The wrong method of preparing food can completely eliminate certain vitamin content, that healthy recipe might seem great but how you prepared it might render it useless.
  • A distorted intake of carbs, proteins and fats is the leading cause of obesity.
  • If you don’t feel at 100% every single day, whether it be at home, work or school, know that a poor diet negatively impacts mental clarity, physical strength, mood and energy
  • Think about the kids. Uninformed dietary choices are directly linked to birth defects in people’s children.

It’s pretty scary that we can be eating ourselves to emotional pain, chronic illnesses and sometimes even death! Anyone who is serious about their children’s and their own health will think twice about what they put in their mouth.

Make it Easy to Eat the Right Things

Just by knowing the right methods of food preparation and food choices, you can prevent and solve all of the scary things we mentioned above and it doesn’t have to be difficult!
  • The #1 way to improve your health and lose weight is through changing your diet
  • Heart disease, diabetes, and possibly even cancer may be completely reversed with a vegetable based diet
  • American Heart Association recommends two servings per week of fish. If cooked to preserve oil, fish can change your body’s omega-3 content.
  • Adding fermented foods and probiotics can improve digestion and the immune system
  • The majority of pesticides and other harmful substances can be removed with the correct preparation

Now you might already know some of these tips and probably heard much advice on health and what to do and avoid. But it’s the same question I get asked all the time: tell me something practical I can do!

Let your Food be your Medicine and Your Medicine be your Food

That’s why we have brought together cutting-edge research in the field of nutrition with tried and tested experience of a seasoned chef to bring you a program that you can apply today! Countless hours have gone into bringing you practical solutions for your everyday cooking queries.

  • Develop skills in food handling and combining, flavoring, cooking methods, and presentation, with influences from varied venerable Islamic Middle Eastern traditions including Turkish, Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan, and Arab.
  • Learn about the potent healing and cleansing potentials of vegetables and fruits and the extraordinary building and regenerating potentials of healthy fats.
  • Learn how to prepare high-powered super nutrient-dense foods to sail you through the day with plenty of energy generated for worship.
  • Start taking control of your nutrition and health by learning how to recognize your own nutritional needs and implementing ancient food preparation methods such as fermentation and broths.
  • Perfect for anyone who loves to worship, to eat, to nurture, to heal, to give and to be of service to others.
  • This is an introductory course. It is appropriate for someone with no previous knowledge of cooking, or those who do cook but want to learn the secret of cooking healthier.

What You Get With This Program:

New Foundations

Introduction to healthy whole ingredients for your kitchen (including fats, grains and others), and vegetables (including preparation of salads and ferments).

Traditional Sustenance

Cuts of red meats and poultry, bone broths, soups, saucy combinations, grain-meat combinations

Traditional Sustenance II

Layered bakes, roasted meals, beans, lentils, and other grains

Staff of Life

Yeasted breads, quick-breads, parata/chapatti, gluten-free and grain-free options

Special Treats

Drinks, Desserts, Confections (hibiscus tea, lemonade, chocolate-stevia desserts, cookies, pies)

Printable Recipes

Keep your recipes handy in the Kitchen and follow step by step instructions from preparation to serving.

Bonus Videos

We decided to add more practical recipes and how-to guides on cooking to ensure you’re more than comfortable.

Food can be Healthy & Tasty at the Same Time!

Let us show you how to cook the right way with this program that we’ve carefully designed for you.
  • Learn the right methods of food preparation for maximal nutrient quantity
  • Improve the quality of your ingredients and what to look out for
  • Cook healthy meals without compromising the flavour
  • Get expert tips on how to cook like a professional chef
  • Improve your own and your family’s health while keeping illness at bay

We’ve tried hard to make healthy cooking as easy as possible so it’s right at your finger tips.

Here’s what others are saying:

As a sea-cook emeritus, I can say that Umm Ibrahim is a skillful chef of natural foods, of healthy traditional cuisine and good eating. And the proof of the pudding is in the tasting

– Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

My family hates liver and none of us would be caught dead eating it. But after my mother learned from Mehded Maryam Sinclair how to cook it, we have all changed our tune, and love it.

– Maryam Sheikh

Sometimes we can learn so much from books but never really know how to apply it in the real world. Cooking is all about application. I am so impressed with the amount of experience Umm Ibrahim has with healthy cooking that I feel anyone who uses her techniques and tricks will immediately learn how to benefit themselves and their family.

– Rehan Zaidi | Managing Director, MysticMedicine

Come to the Kitchen and Love what you Eat!


Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Practice the art of feeding and nurturing yourself and your family and friends. Perfect for anyone who loves to worship, to eat, to nurture, to heal, to give and to be of service to others. It’s the right time for learning more about the bounty God has bestowed upon us and increasing our skills so we can be of greater benefit to our fellows by giving the gift of beautifully prepared, healing and nutritious food.
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