The Basis of Fitness in Spirituality

Shaykh Nuh Keller shares how he optimizes his health and gives his body its due. Practically applying a wide-range of medical models, Shaykh Nuh explains how proper nutrition and exercise are a means to better worship, and can be worship in and of themselves. This is an invaluable series of lectures from a widely experienced Sufi Master who takes every element of his life with the utmost seriousness. Hear how he ties medicine in with Islam, Tibb Al-Nabawi, and spirituality.

  • Importance of exercises and what the types of exercises one can do.
  • Understanding sugar-addiction and its effects on the body.
  • Discussion of the major causes of obesity and its effect on the body.
  1. SESSION ONE: Importance of Exercise in one’s life.
  2. SESSION TWO: Sugar addictions and its effects on the body
  3. SESSION THREE: “What to do?” and the benefits of exercise.
  4. SESSION FOUR:  Improving memory, dietary fats, omega-3 and  exercise.
  • Instructor: Shaykh Nuh HaMim Keller
  • Prerequisite(s): None
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Starts: Upon Registration
  • Cost: $99

Here’s what others are saying:

It is inspiring to see a Shaykh of Sufism who harnesses modern-day research for the ultimate ascendant purpose of our creation. Ever since I attended Shaykh Nuh’s lessons Fitness & Spirituality lessons, I have tried to change my long-term eating habits and have stopping carrying my cell-phone in my pocket.

– Anonymous
Student, Qasid Institute

Alhumdulillah, these lectures on health and sulook by Shaykh Nuh have changed my life. I feel conscience and aware of eating itself- whereas before I was just mindlessly consuming without regard for the consequences. These lectures make me inspired to lead a life of fitness and good diet, especially knowing now that it is tied to how one serves their Creator. Making that link was the push I badly needed; I pray all of us will benefit and remain steadfast on the lessons found in this lecture series.

– Abdullah Misra
Outreach Director, Qasid Institute

Well, I thought, “Yea! It’s about time someone said it! Everything is for Allah. Everything! Even fitness!

– AbdurRahman A.
Manager at Irada Arts