Principles of Prophetic Medicine

Tibb An-Nabawi: Principles of Prophetic Medicine aims to summarize the major elements of traditional Islamic healing methods consicely. Being trained in Eastern medical philosophies, learning from healers and scholars of the field from around the world, and researching traditional Islamic medical texts in their original languages for years has lead us to a well-developed understanding of Tibb An-Nabawi. Learn how to apply these principles and practices in your own lives.

  • Discuss Prophetic medicine, Islamic medicine, and other traditional holistic systems of medicine.
  • Learn about mizaj (constitutional types), principles and practical methods of treatment.
  • Develop some basic skills of how to see health and disease from a traditional islamic perspective.
  • Implement practical steps for maintaining family health and using natural remedies
  • Perfect for parents, medically-oriented students, and anyone interested in health and science.
  • Lesson 1: What is Tibb An Nabawi
  • Lesson 2: Principles and Practices, Mizaj (Constitutional types)
  • Lesson 3: Diagnosing when people are out of balance and how to restore it.
  • Lesson 4: Treating through food, restrictive regimants (himya) and other Prophetic method
  • Lesson 5: Building a natural pharmacy for your home
  • Instructor: Dr. Rehan Zaidi
  • Prerequisite(s): None
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Starts: Upon Registration
  • Cost: $99

Here’s what others are saying:

Dr. Rehan’s passion and love for traditional/eastern medicine flows throughout his teachings. He loves helping his students grasp difficult concepts and encourages them to learn more and implement what they have learned.  Further, he is very approachable and encourages lots of questions from his students so they can strengthen their command of the subject at hand

– Hammad Din
Environmental Consultant

Thank you so much Dr Rehan for conducting this class and sharingwith us your knowledge and experience. I am most grateful… I know that I need to be a strong, healthy and brave in order to carry out my duties as a Muslim. I would use the knowledge gained in this class to help my family and friends.

– Elva Abdul Hadi

The knowledge I gained broadened my horizons when it came to treating illnesses and I sincerely believe it will make me a better pharmacist as I can give my patients better and more comprehensive advice. On a more personal level, it has opened my eyes to the fact that everything that I put into my body will have an effect even if it is not considered a “drug” by western standards.

The enthusiasum of Dr. Rehan for the topics being studied rubbed off on all the students and by the end of the course I felt everyone left with an appreciation of the huge potential of Islamic medicine in changing the health of future generations.

I would definately recommend this course to anyone who wants to open their mind to the different approaches available to treat illnesses besides taking a whole load of drugs. The one piece of advice I would give to future students is to keep an open mind when studying this course as some of the concepts take time to sink in.

– Umer Ismail
Pharmacy Student