New Skyscraper Planned for Iraq Will Be World’s Tallest Building.



A new skyscraper reaching dizzying heights of 1,1532m is set to be become the world’s tallest building, if proposals are approved.

Designed by AMBS Architects, the planned building is called ‘The Bride’ and would be located in Basra, Iraq.

Comprised of four connected towers, the new construction would supersede Dubai’s 829.8m-tall Burj Kahlifa as the planet’s tallest building.

It would also be taller than the Kingdom Tower, which is currently being built in Saudi Arabia with a planned height of 1,008m.

The building would house a mixture of businesses, housing and retail outlets with a distinctive design that includes a ‘veil’ to provide shade for parks, gardens and smaller buildings below.


The building’s ‘sweeping veil’ is designed to provide shade (AMBS Architects)

The eco-friendly structure is designed to produce more renewable energy than it consumes.

According to the designers, the building will boast a massive 1.5 million square feet of floor space.


It will be enjoyed by thousands of people in endless ways, within it, on it or under it, from walking in the vast shaded parks and promenades at ground level, to having lunch or shopping in a sky-square hundreds of metres above sea level” said AMBS architects.

Image credit: AMBS Architects


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