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Another hour (yep I went over) was spent throwing together an icon (again a flat colour with the number 7, as my design skills are limited) taking some screenshots and writing up a basic description.

I was amazed that the name �7 Minute Workout� was still available, I assumed there were other apps waiting for review, I was right. Built and submitted in 6 hours. The wait begins. Version 1. 0 Approval After 6 days and a couple of minutes review time it was approved.

Nobody else knew I had made it (I didn�t even tell my wife). By this time there were several other 7 Minute Workout apps in the store.


So the aim in the first week was to just let it run without telling anyone and to make no attempt to get press. I was expecting very little, but was surprised to see that it actually sold a few copies with a steady rank. Nothing world changing, but still not bad when relying 100% on people discovering it via the App Store. Version 1. 1 � Marketing So version 1. 1 was all about marketing.

I added social sharing when a workout was completed (Twitter, Facebook and Email) and a review nag on the third completed workout. Following the guide for the perfect press release above (except I attached 4 promo codes each) I sent emails out to ten of the biggest app review sites. Guess what happened? Absolutely nothing, not one reply, one site gave away their 4 promo codes on Twitter, the only 4 promo codes used. So it appears none of them even installed it with the promo code.

So for the next week sales basically ticked along pretty flat. That was 3 hours wasted! What I leaed from that confirmed what I already believed � you need to sell your app with a story, preferably to people you have built up there’s a lot solutions to discover a fantastic iOS mobile app builders on this page reviews ios app developer the ideal choice should be to choose a professional app service a relationship with previously to get noticed.

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Version 1. 2 � Universal The next stage of the experiment was to expand the market size by adding iPad support. Again keeping it really simple exactly the same views were used within a split view. So this only took about 2 hours, another 30 minutes to create some screenshots and submit the update.

Again it made almost no difference to sales, if anything it went backwards. Going Free It was time to go free. I�d had some experience with price changes before and knew how effective they could be. Late one night (I am in Australia), while the US was waking up I set it to free and went to bed. Wow did things get interesting! I think the chart says it all.

I was floored. It became the #1 fitness iPad app in 68 countries. The #1 fitness iPhone app in 49 countries. And top 10 overall in 12 countries. It even made top 5 overall in countries like Netherlands, here it is on the front page: In the US (where the majority of downloads came from) it made the top 25 overall on iPad.

It also lead to some amazing reviews (tracked thanks to my service Appbot ). This lead to many, many emails from �free app of the day� sites as well as companies trying to sell paid installs. One of my work mates came up with a good response ). I�ll admit at this point I couldn�t keep it quiet any longer, four people knew about the experiment and promised to keep it quiet. Now I was staring at the stats not knowing what to think. I still have no idea why it has done so well at free.

It definitely wasn�t me promoting it and it wasn�t the press covering it. The Blog Post Now came the first part of the blog post, everything that had happened up to this point.