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This course was carefully designed to include the detoxification of the most vital organs of the body: The Lung, Kidney, Liver and Colon. You can expect the following from us:
  • 6 Videos: These information rich videos are practical: they will teach you the main concepts you need to know for the week in a simple and clear method.
  • Weekly Email Reminders: Once a week for 6 weeks we'll put you on a detox for the week. We'll also guide you with 1–3 brief e-mail reminders and tips to support you through your steps.
  • Detox Resources: Each week you'll additionally receive related articles, links, and a printable checklist that you can fill in to help you along your way.
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Information about some of the different modalities utilized in Naturopathy: Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Hydrotherapy, and others.


Making sense of our experiences is vital in keeping a healthy perspective. Listen to wisdom imparted by a real Sufi Master on spirituality, diseases of the heart, and how to heal.

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