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What is the MysticMed Clinic?

The MysticMedicine Clinic is a first of its kind, fully online, Functional and Integrative Higher Health center. We leverage secure telehealth technologies to expand access to MysticMedicine’s extremely effective methodology of healing, which has a long track record of resolving complex medical problems and generating optimal health.

MysticMed Clinic

We offer a blend of treatment modalities including the best of Naturopathic, Traditional Chinese, Homeopathic and Functional Medicine. Our board certified staff physician, Dr. Haider, is a medical doctor with extensive training and experience in both Conventional, Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. Trained with Dr. Rehan Zaidi, he worked closely with him to develop an effective online care experience. Dr. Haider focuses on all aspects of your health and wellbeing: spiritual, mental, emotional, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, sleep and more. He utilizes specialized lab testing, targeted supplementation and remedies from all healing traditions. With Dr. Rehan, Dr. Haider incorporates homeopathic and traditional herbal remedies.

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How it Works

Whether you want to resolve chronic health problems or just optimize your health and performance, your journey begins with an in-depth assessment of your past history beginning with your ancestors and delving into all the details of your birth, childhood and adolescence, adult life, medical history, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise, stress and toxic exposures. 

After completing the initial in-depth assessment forms you will have ample time to discuss the details with Dr. Haider during an initial one to two hour consult. A two hour consult is ideal, especially for more complex cases and to allow plenty of time to go over the history, answer questions and discuss recommendations. A one hour consult may not leave enough time to discuss recommendations and answer questions, but does usually provide enough time to go over the history in detail. If the time proves insufficient for a detailed discussion of recommendations, these will still be provided in the patient portal after the consult and if desired a second appointment can be made at a later date to discuss these by video or phone. 

With the first consult you’ll receive personalized recommendations for targeted lab testing, supplementation, remedies, diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. With your approval Dr Haider will order all your labs, remedies and supplements to be delivered to your door. Some labs like stool and urine testing can be completed at home and mailed in, others like blood work can be completed at one of our local partner labs in your neighborhood. If you are on a budget and unable to afford lab testing, we can still offer a full course of treatment, lifestyle recommendations and ongoing support.

A one hour follow-up appointment will be scheduled after your initial lab work has come back (if you have chosen to get lab testing), usually within 1-3 months of your first visit, in order to go over the results and your experiences with the initial recommendations and make any necessary adjustments. After the first follow-up, 30 minute to 1 hour appointments are usually recommended every 1-3 months to track progress and make any required tweaks to your regimen. Longer appointments may be required for more complex cases or to provide more time to discuss issues. Most chronic conditions take around 6 – 12 months to significantly improve or resolve, though some improvement is often seen much earlier. For an additional fee you can also opt to enable secure chat messaging through your patient portal with Dr Haider between your appointments.

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Dr Rehan Zaidi – Founder of Mystic Medicine. Renowned Naturopathic physician, he has been practicing and consulting for nearly two decades in Canada, Malaysia and Jordan. Dr. Rehan introduced the largest Integrative Medicine clinics in both the capital cities of KL, Malaysia and Amman, Jordan.


“A true healer. Personal, thoughtful, sincere care.”

A. Khan

“Again, my thanks for making this so convenient and for being so helpful about finding possible alternatives … knowing that doctors work ever longer and harder, that attention was especially appreciated.”

M. Thiessen

“I appreciate Dr. Haider’s personal approach and additional information for overall wellness. Thanks very much.”


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If you are ready to get started with your healing journey then book an appointment now (link to 1 and 2 hour initial consult widgets). New patients can also request a free 15 minute consult (link to page with free 15 minute consult booking only – a practice better widget) to speak to Dr Haider and determine if our services are a good fit.

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