The body has physical and metaphysical dimensions, such as the spiritual, mental, and energetic. Health is when all aspects of the body are balanced.

Throughout history there have been many forms of medicine and healing, each contributing to our understanding of the body, yet no single system sufficiently explains the full workings of health and disease.

Modern Western medicine has excelled in exploring the quantifiable qualities of the body; traditional healing arts have a deeper grasp of its metaphysical nature. Although magnificent in their own regard, the benefit of both these systems will remain restricted, unless they are merged.

Information about Eastern Practices is Rare

Currently, an enormous amount of information is available from a Western medical perspective; this is not true in regards to holistic healing. The energetics of herbs found in Chinese medicine, the concept of activating the vital force in Homeopathy, and Sufi healing as in the Islamic medical tradition–alll are poorly understood.

Due to the void of information on these topics this website will endeavor to provide an alternative perspective on a range of health concerns  placing particular emphasis on the under addressed areas, namely traditional and holistic medicine.

The Mystics and their Medicine

Sufis, or Mystics, enjoy a legacy of treating illness, specifically in the realm of mind-body. Though there have been some attempts to replicate the Mystics’ success,  teachings commonly remain somewhat diluted, falling short by avoiding the most complex concepts. On the contrary, the Sufis’ secret lies in their addressing existential questions and discussing the reality behind experiences, whose distorted perceptions are, according to them, the cause of long-term pain and suffering.

In this regard, despite all the other expert contributors who add to this website, the most unique feature of this website will be the spiritual insights provided by a living Sufi Master.