Dr. Joel Ibrahim Kreps is a psychiatrist, with 37 years of clinical experience, now on extended sabbatical leave in Amman, Jordan. He has previously taught psychiatry at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine. At the time his particular interests were in Integrative Psychotherapy (synthesizing the various therapeutic modalities into a common framework) and the Negative Effects of Psychotherapy- a controversial subject even nowadays. Ultimately he left the institutional setting finding it stifling to his own process of discovery.

As well Dr. Joel Kreps has been on the spiritual path for 30 years- beginning with Buddhism but soon after finding his way to Islamic Mysticism(Sufism). He has nevertheless maintained an interest and respect for other spiritual paths including those of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. The issue of comparative religion (the place of the different religious practices within the life of man) has remained for him a continuous preoccupation which is evident in much of his writing.

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