These articles are on health issues that effect the family in one way or another. Discussed are children’s illnesses, pregnancy, as well as general well-being.

5 Ways to Get More Iron, The Body’s Gold


Iron deficiency is the world’s most common nutrient deficiency. An estimated 40 percent of the world population suffers from iron-deficiency anemia, a state in which there is a depleted number of red blood cells carrying oxygen to the body. Iron deficiency occurs more often in the developing countries than the undeveloped ones, but is common [...]

5 Ways to Get More Iron, The Body’s Gold2012-07-28T14:47:17+02:00

Breastfeeding Is ‘Health, Not Lifestyle’ Choice


By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today Every infant should begin life with six months of exclusive breastfeeding, followed by another six months or longer with other foods gradually added to the child's diet, according to an updated policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The update reaffirms the AAP's position on breastfeeding, originally [...]

Breastfeeding Is ‘Health, Not Lifestyle’ Choice2012-08-02T03:30:36+02:00

5 Natural Treatments for Colds and Flus


When you get sick from a cold or the flu, what exactly are you getting sick from? Well, both are caused by viruses, which are very small living structures that are basically a bunch of genetic material packaged into a coating. Colds may be caused by several viruses, in fact there are over 100 different [...]

5 Natural Treatments for Colds and Flus2012-07-15T06:33:51+02:00

13 Changes to Address Sleep Disorders: Are you dreaming of sleep?


How often have you said: "I'll get it done, even if it takes all night", or "I will make up lost sleep later, perhaps on the weekend". I know I have, more times than I would have liked, in order to push my way through tasks or finish unresolved business. I considered these to be [...]

13 Changes to Address Sleep Disorders: Are you dreaming of sleep?2012-07-15T06:30:40+02:00

10 Steps to Cleaning Air Pollution


There was a time when people lived off of the land, where surrounded by nature, and sweat hard on a daily basis.  Although that lifestyle definitely limited the pollutants one was exposed to, it's just not so practical. City life also has its price: everything from going to work to living at home means putting [...]

10 Steps to Cleaning Air Pollution2012-08-02T05:56:37+02:00
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