High quality version of the Tala ‘Ala Al Badru Alayna choir sung by French schoolchildren in Ottawa, Canada on December 11th, 2015, which went viral.

For more information: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/…


Alhamdulillah (All Praise Belongs to God)
Alhamdulillah (All Praise Belongs to God)
Chantons, chantons (Let’s sing, let’s sing)
Alhamdulillah! (All Praise Belongs to God)

طلع البدر علينا
ṭala‘a ‘l-badru ‘alaynā
The full moon rose over us

من ثنيات الوداع
min thaniyyāti ‘l-wadā‘
From the valley of Wada’‘

وجب الشكر علينا
wajaba ‘l-shukru ‘alaynā
And it is incumbent upon us to show gratitude

ما دعى لله داع
mā da‘ā li-l-lāhi dā‘
For as long as anyone in existence calls out to God

Vivre, c’est aimer (To live is to love)
Aimer, c’est comprendre (To love is to understand)
Comprendre, c’est partager (To understand is to share)

Partager, c’est donner (To share is to give)
Donner, c’est d’aimer (To give is to love)
Aimer, c’est vivre (To love is to live)

Directed by Robert Filion and composed by Laura Hawley. Video with lyrics by me using footage from Rogers.