Some NDErs report out-of-body experiences during their NDEs where what is seen ‘out-of-body’ does not correspond to what is actually happening in the physical world. Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick reports the NDE of a World War II veteran whose unit came under attack from aerial bombers:

The battery cook (a devout Muslim) came running in panic toward me…. He lay down, touching my right elbow, and calmed himself…. As I looked up one of the Heinkel pilots executed a tight turn over the rim of the wadi and lined up on us…. I flattened out like a lizard on the sand….

Instantly I was enveloped in a cloud of beautiful purple light and a mighty roaring sound…. and then I was floating, as if in a flying dream, and watching my body, some dozen feet below, lifting off the sand and flopping back, face downwards. I only saw my own bodyI was quite unaware of the two Sudanese lying beside me…. And then I was gliding horizontally in a tunnel … rather like a giant, round, luminous culvert, constructed of translucent silken material, and at the end of a circle of bright, pale primrose light. I was enjoying the sensation of weightless, painless flight…. I had a feeling it would be more interesting when I reached the light….

I became aware that I was being ‘sucked’ back through the tunnel and then into a body that felt rather unpleasantly ‘heavy,’ that the sun was burning my back…. [T]he Heinkels were still firing at us and a cannon shell knocked a saucepan off the truck above my head. This troubled me not at all; indeed I seemed to have lost all sense of fear, but my back felt wet and slimy so I looked over my shoulder to investigate the cause. My back was a red mass of blood and raw flesh…. Then I realised that I was looking at all that remained of Osman the cook, who had been lying beside me. I noticed also that my Bren gunner, who had been close to my other side, had disappeared (Fenwick and Fenwick 43-44).


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