Naturopathic Medicine is the science of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease using natural therapies with a focus on optimizing health and well-being through individualized patient care and public education.


Principles of Naturopathy

  1. Primum non nocere – do no harm, effective health care with the least risk for all patients
  2. Vis medicatrix naturae – healing power of nature, respect and promote self-    healing
  3. Tolle causum – treat the cause, identify and remove causes, avoid suppression of symptoms 
  4. Docere – doctor as teacher, educate patients, inspire rational hope, encourage self-responsibility
  5. Treat the whole person – each person is unique with their own factors effecting their health
  6. Health  promotion is the best prevention – wellbeing includes health individually, in the community and globally

Naturopathic Medical Therapies

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – combinations of acupuncture, diet and traditional botanical formula for diverse conditions

Botanical Medicine – use of whole plants individually and in combinations

Clinical Nutrition – diet and supplementation for health promotion and disease treatment

Homeopathic Medicine – minute doses of plant animal and mineral substances for treatment and prevention

Hydrotherapy – healing using the power of hot and cold water

Naturopathic Manipulation – diverse techniques for correction of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions

Counseling and Lifestyle Modification – assessment of risk factors and programs to modify behaviour emphasizing self-responsibility

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