Spring Cleaning


It's happening here in New Mexico. When it does it's truly an ecstatic time. Nature, after long months of sobriety, of containment and reserve can no longer keep it in. Branches and twigs become tumescent first, swell and finally burst forth their green ejaculate and eventually, seed. All life behaves by such similar patterns, no [...]

Spring Cleaning2012-07-15T06:38:10+02:00

10 Steps to Cleaning Air Pollution


There was a time when people lived off of the land, where surrounded by nature, and sweat hard on a daily basis.  Although that lifestyle definitely limited the pollutants one was exposed to, it's just not so practical. City life also has its price: everything from going to work to living at home means putting [...]

10 Steps to Cleaning Air Pollution2012-08-02T05:56:37+02:00
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