10 Ways to Deal with Stress


Stress may actually be the single most destructive factor in people's lives today. Unfortunately, people sometimes neglect the warning signs of stress, not realizing what a major role it plays.  In fact, a very large part of their suffering may be a direct result of stress alone. The reason stress is brushed off so easily [...]

10 Ways to Deal with Stress2012-07-15T06:02:14+02:00

Q: Relief from Tension?


Q: A stressful day and a lack of sleep gives me a headache. Is there anything I can use to relax the side of my scalp and back of my head? A: Following are a few, easy tips to relieve tension and stress, especially in and around the head and neck. Step 1) Hot foot bath- [...]

Q: Relief from Tension?2012-07-29T01:25:53+02:00
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