Fundamentals of the Immune System and Allergies


Defense is the best offense: The immune system is a complex organization of cells, tissues and organs that act together to defend the body from foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. When an infective agent tries to invade the body, it is the role of the immune system to fight them off, [...]

Fundamentals of the Immune System and Allergies2012-07-15T06:50:46+02:00

Herbs and the Immune System


 As the seasons change there always seems to a peculiar trend of people getting sick. Mothers advise their children to bundle up, not to leave the house immediately after taking a shower, and be extra cautious in covering the head and neck if they have wet hair. Although this advice is well known to all [...]

Herbs and the Immune System2012-07-15T06:09:51+02:00
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