Natural Medicine

Information about some of the different modalities utilized in Naturopathy: Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Hydrotherapy, and others.

The 8 Steps in a Cupping Session


Cupping, like many natural treatments, adheres to a paradigm of body physiology that is dissimilar to our modern day understanding of physiology. As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is thought to have channels of excess and deficient energy that require balancing. Cupping is a method of manipulating this energy to achieve balance and consequent [...]

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Herbs and the Immune System


 As the seasons change there always seems to a peculiar trend of people getting sick. Mothers advise their children to bundle up, not to leave the house immediately after taking a shower, and be extra cautious in covering the head and neck if they have wet hair. Although this advice is well known to all [...]

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Fasting for Health in Ramadan


Like everyone else, the body too needs a holiday. Fasting gives our body the break that it needs, helping it to detoxify and revitalize. The Ramadan fast incorporates the health benefits of a detoxification program at the level of the body, and includes an element of ridding toxicity from the mind and spirit. These holistic benefits [...]

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Change of Season Soup


 Using herbs in cooking is an excellent way to absorb their active ingredients and benefit from their energetic properties, all the while simultaneously enhancing the flavor of foods. Some soups have been passed down over the years for preparing the body against harsh weather changes and they include a healthy mix of herbs that work [...]

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Sleep Disorders: Treatment


Trouble Sleeping? How often have you said: "I'll get it done, even if it takes all night", or "I will make up lost sleep later, perhaps on the weekend". I know I have, more times than I would have liked, in order to push my way through tasks or finish unresolved business. I considered these [...]

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Q: Relief from Tension?


Q: A stressful day and a lack of sleep gives me a headache. Is there anything I can use to relax the side of my scalp and back of my head? A: Following are a few, easy tips to relieve tension and stress, especially in and around the head and neck. Step 1) Hot foot bath- [...]

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