5 Natural Treatments for Colds and Flus


When you get sick from a cold or the flu, what exactly are you getting sick from? Well, both are caused by viruses, which are very small living structures that are basically a bunch of genetic material packaged into a coating. Colds may be caused by several viruses, in fact there are over 100 different [...]

5 Natural Treatments for Colds and Flus2012-07-15T06:33:51+02:00

Understanding Childhood Cold and Flu


The common cold and/or influenza are viral infections, not usually bacterial, of the upper respiratory tract, caused by invasion into the nose, throat, sinuses, or ears. The virus travels either from hand to mouth and nose, or through the air on minute droplets carrying infected secretions from one child to another. Because children's immune systems [...]

Understanding Childhood Cold and Flu2012-07-18T14:24:28+02:00

Change of Season Soup


 Using herbs in cooking is an excellent way to absorb their active ingredients and benefit from their energetic properties, all the while simultaneously enhancing the flavor of foods. Some soups have been passed down over the years for preparing the body against harsh weather changes and they include a healthy mix of herbs that work [...]

Change of Season Soup2012-07-29T01:42:21+02:00
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